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Please help me help my girl Victoria....She is 10 years old and being held by MCFD in creston BC, denied all culture and not allowed to be Aborignal in care!  NO JUSTIFIABLE REASONS (there may have been a few reasons YEARS AGO, however people change! AND not to keep her forever) In no way critical to my being her mom today! ....PLEASE if you are reading this far, and you just want to reach out....we all deserve a family! A second chance-  a mom. :-)
my little chickie.....my girl!

current updates.

AUGUST UPDATE-  As of today I spoke to attorney who was representing me prior, and he informed me that he had not heard from Legal Aid- that I might have to wait until she is 12...yes fucking 12.....he said, and for her to ask then to be heard...like they will even tell her! I then I called Legal AID- who basically told me that I dont qualify....and they are not willing to offer me Legal Aid....which means a case that has every legal right to be brought before the courts in BC by a low income person who is fighting MCFD- doesnt have the right to attempt to get a CCO rescinded, OR even ask for ACCESS! In otherwords, they dont want to pay......so today I die a bit more inside as I cied for hrs!

CURRENTLY APPEALING LEGAL AID DECISION 9/28- hoping to find an attorney to help me, us. 

I also self-identify as aboriginal and have for many many years, , my son is and always has been registered in school as aboriginal as well...YET, I have attempted to have her transferred to K'tunaxa to learn more about heritage and roots, as well as they dont adopt out, and they wont, I dont have enough proof, as well as MCFD stating that at times I dont self-identify (never, in fact I have begged judge to have he transferred)...I have asked for 3 years to have her registered as aboriginal to attend the pow-wows and other events and they wont. They wanted me to fill out an extensive family history  which I dont have as I have no family any more, so Im screwed in that aspect as well.....Even after the supreme ct ruled that self-identification should be taken at face value! Apparently Im not allowed to!

Looking forward to a great hockey/boxing season...and birthdays! Ill send my girl a cake and 9 roses :)  I miss her.

SEPTEMBER 2017-  As I sit here in tears, almost everyday, I realize and am okay with dying. I feel I am no longer a person without her, I am a walking body with no insides left. I cry all the time, it hurts so much inside, I cant even explain this feeling of hopelessness and emptiness.... The tears stream down my face so often and my heart is broken......I just want to lie down and never come back to this day, to this life. I walk around, kayak or go quadding with my boy, bike around and sometimes I no longer see what I want to see, the beauty of the outdoors, my getaway....its like its not even real anymore, the fun Im having seems like im fake for the moment, I am just a walking body of sadness.....I wake up in the middle of the nite sometimes and I feel her, I see her....like she wants to crawl in bed with me like she always used to do....I pull her up and I snuggle her...in my dream but it feels real, shes touching my hair like she used to and falling back to sleep with me.....and then finally I wake up again to this madness. this loneliness. this pain.....and then I pretend to be normal today. I put on a smile at best for my son, I go to boxing, the school....I cook him supper, Im a mom still,.....This struggle every single day to just BE.....its really hard,.

Today Novemeber 13 I had a meeting with TOM SHYPITKA- MLA East Kootenays- very very nice man....had a similar situation in his life with his ex and his son....and he definitely can understand losing a child and fighting for a child, I was happy I met wiht him and he was as shocked as everyone that I have done so much and cant get her back, and that I have my other child at home. UMMMM. So I dropped off my paperwork, all my certificates and letters and wel'll see if he can do anything...he sasy hed like to see a review of hte current situation. YES so would I!! hope so. ----nope he cant do anything except refer me to Katrine Conroy...go figure

NOVEMBER 12, 2017----I GOT LEGAL AID....I GOT A LAWYER......jan 3 my application to the court was denied again by the same judge who granted the CCO....


Novemeber 16 2017- I found out today that the MCFD just up and moved my girl away to some adoptive placement on the coast....I cante ven believe Im writing this.....why doesnt this ever get easier, why doesnt this pain just stop. How can they just send her away to a new family- they say its her new adoptive family , no signiture required....just gone. i am going to keep trying....this isnt right. I dont kow how this even happens in society. how they can legally traffick kids in BC!! legal kidnapped! #STOLEN

March 2018-  Well after I was denied legal aid on jan 31 for an appeal to prove the provnical court judge erred...i also lost the attorney who was supposed to help me as well...its hard to find an attorney to fight MCFD. BUT I DID....thankfully...I then appealed the Legal Aid and asked for the appeal, he talked to them as well, and what do you know....I got it! He agreed to ask the Supreme Ct for an appeal.....ON APRIL 19-----WE WON IN SUPREME COURT....THE APPEAL WILL BE HEARD IN MAY! WISH ME LUCK! ONE WIN FOR MAYA!

April 2018- there is a very good chance that the adoption DIDNT go through and she is back in the same foster home...UMMMM. Not sure whats going on, they wont talk to me...!

May 2018 lost the appeal in Supreme Ct in Victoria BC....most judges dont go against other judges decisions. 

June 2018- filed application for Access in Provincial court- Dismissed again....

finally found a lawyer willing to try and help....  please check it out

Oct 6 2018 I was served at like 10:30 am for court at 9:30 when I go there they kicked me out of Creston again, I requested to bring witnesses, to make a case and question their sw whome I have never met and she was pretending to be a psychologist so I planned on asking where she got her credentials from, I was denied, and I guess I cant stick up for myself. Either way i got another 6mth ban, the more they ban me from the town, the older she gets...the more time they dont care if I miss.

now its Feb 2019, i am not to sure where to go, I now have twitter again, and thats super awesome tweeting the truth....come see me, come see my home, tell everyone why you cant reunite families in BC or even talk to us, and why Im ignored for almost 2years now! 

Soon Ill go back to court.....again. soon a very large lawsuit coming, MCFD is not accountable for abuse and they need to pay for damages done to her!! SOON>

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